Katie Luck


Katie has many years' experience working with young children in the Early Years profession, and is NVQ3 and SENCO trained. She is passionate about her job, and loves watching the development and growth of the children in her care.

Katie is the mother of two children.


Sophie Turner


Sophie has over 10 years' experience of working with children, and holds an NVQ3 in childcare. She loves to see how the children at St Mary's Nursery develop and flourish in their own unique ways.

Sophie is the mother of two daughters.


Wendy Park

Nursery Assistant

Wendy has worked in child care for the last 15 years, and is NVQ3 trained. She loves to knit and crochet, and shares her crafty skills with the children in the nursery.

Wendy has four children and seven grandchildren.


Jade Hemsley

Nursery Assistant

Jade has worked with children professionally and on a volunteer basis for many years. She attended University of Brighton and achieved a Certificate of Higher Education in Primary Education, despite being forced to cut short her studies due to ill health. Jade also went on to qualify as a STA Level 2 swimming teacher.

Jade is delighted to be part of the St Mary's team, and finds there is no greater joy than in watching children learn something new.


Gemma Finnegan

Nursery Manager

Gemma has had a range of careers - actor, office manager, primary school teacher, stay-at-home mum - and is pleased to add Nursery Manager to her collection. She likes making long to-do lists and ticking things off them.

Gemma is the mother of two children.

Becca Drake.jpg

Rebecca Drake

Financial Administrator