Maths week

As the title suggests, this week we were focusing on all things mathematical. We played many different maths games with the children, including the very popular “Ladybird Game” which really stretched the children’s abilities as it required them to roll a die, count the number of spots and add the corresponding number of spots to the ladybird. This may sound easy to you, but it’s a real challenge when you’re 3! Another board game using counting is Snakes and Ladders, and the children enjoyed playing our GIANT version at nursery. The focus on numbers continued at circle time, when the children were asked to collect a specific number of objects to show the rest of the class. The children also worked on their number formation, using worksheets to trace the numbers 0-9; explored numbers using Numicon; and used the computer to play counting games.

It wasn’t all numbers, however! We decided to remind the children of our nursery Golden Rules during registration time, as these need regular reinforcement if they are to become ingrained. We also had a lovely session on Thursday with Tatty Bumpkin yoga, gently blowing feathers as part of the story “The Clever, Kindly Feather”. This is a lovely activity to try at home with your child, especially if they are over-excited! When your child concentrates on blowing the feather they will become more aware of their breath, as the activity encourages them to take slower, deeper breaths. As your child takes slower breaths, their heart rate will also slow and their blood pressure will lower slightly, which helps them to calm down and relax.