Weekly round-up


Everyone was pleased to see Hannah back today for another gymnastics session. The children showed great body control as they explored different ways to move across the school hall - hopping, jumping and even doing forward rolls! Back at the nursery, the children enjoyed playing with a wildlife small world set up (with a watering hole for the toys to splash in) while outside other children had fun racing in the ride-ons and camping out in the teepee. 


It was another scorcher today, so the children cooled off in the garden by paddling in our boat. Given the heat, this was naturally a VERY popular activity and the children showed great patience and fantastic turn-taking as they waited to cool their feet off in the water. Inside, out of the sunshine, the children enjoyed making numbers out of play dough, painting and threading, and later on we chilled out with a bit of mindfulness meditation.


The children have been doing Sports Day practice every day this week, and have loved visiting the "big school" to use their field. At the nursery, we continued the sports day theme with a tuff tray painted to look like a running track. The children raced toy people, animals and cars down the track. We introduced the book that is to be next week's focus: "The Gruffalo"! Many of our children are familiar with this text, and we can't wait to explore it further with them next week.


Today after Sports Day practice we stayed on the field to play 'Farmer's in the Den', and then we had a race to see who could walk a mile the fastest along the school's new footpath! Once we were back at nursery, we continued the sporty theme by playing a game whereby the children had to throw hoops into tubs. The children showed great team spirit, encouraging and helping each other and challenging themselves by moving further away from the target. 


The children chilled off today with the ever-popular ice exploration activity, where they melted the ice shapes to see what they could find inside. During Sports Day practice we were balancing bean bags on racquets whilst running - this is really testing the children's hand-eye coordination! In the garden, the children enjoyed doing some free painting, playing with sand and bubbly water, and singing 'Farmer's In The Den'. There was another request to hear "The Gruffalo", so it looks like next week's focus is going to be very popular indeed!