Changes are afoot...!

We have been fundraising hard recently (you may have noticed!) with an aim to developing the outdoor area at the Nursery. We've been very fortunate to be awarded a £3,000 grant by East Sussex County Council, some of which will go towards creating a kitchen garden so the children can grow their own food; we are also going to be installing a climbing frame and slide to expand the physical play opportunities for the children.

You'll see the first of many changes when you return to Nursery on Monday, as this weekend we have installed a new shed and a non-slip decking area in the unused space next to the entrance to the garden. Huge thanks to Joe, Glenn and Sam who worked their socks off to get it done - fortunately, they were working on one of the only sunny, dry days of the holiday! The area now looks really smart, and will be a great space for the children to use. We plan to install a scooter rack, so children can scoot to Nursery if they want to, as well as welly storage so they can play outside in all weathers.

Exciting times are ahead!