Healthy eating, maths and LAVA!

The highlight of this week was our Healthy Eating open morning and we were pleased that so many parents made it along. We kicked off with a presentation about what a healthy packed lunch should look like, and tackled the thorny subject of fussy eaters. Then the children and their parents rolled up their sleeves to try some cooking activities - they made pitta pizza pockets (to be eaten later) and yummy fruit skewers (which were devoured more or less instantly!). We talked about all the ways that your child can help you in the kitchen: scrubbing vegetables, sprinkling seasoning, cracking eggs, even cutting softer foods with a plastic knife. The children also enjoyed an activity where they had to stick pictures of different foods onto a plate to create a healthy meal. It was great to see how many children understood what foods were the healthy choices, even if they admitted that they preferred hot dogs and chips!

We continued our focus on maths skills this week, using the water beads (without shaving foam this time!) to fill up different containers in order to explore concepts of bigger/smaller and higher/lower. Outside in the garden, we worked on our gross motor skills with a balancing game using the river stones. The children decided that the ground was made of lava, and falling off the stones would mean they would burn their feet. After a few tumbles into the lava, the ground then turned to ice so anyone who touched it froze solid. All the children enthusiastically joined in this game, which meant that it also tested their turn-taking skills!

Your child should have brought home their costume for the Nativity this week. When we gave these out, we talked about the different roles and told the story of the Nativity. We will be revisiting the Nativity story regularly over the coming weeks - why not ask your child to explain it to you in their own words?