Button ornament

Is your Christmas tree up yet? It's always lovely to have some little keepsake ornaments that your little one has made, and which come out year on year. So this year, why not try this cute and simple button Christmas tree ornament - it's sure to be something that will have pride of place on your tree in years to come (or hide it round the back, up to you!).


For this you will need:

  • Stiff cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Green craft felt
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons of various sizes and colours
  • Glue
  1. Draw a Christmas tree shape on your cardboard, then cut it out.
  2. Trace round your Christmas tree shape twice on your felt, then cut them out.
  3. Glue the felt to the front and back of your cardboard Christmas tree shape.
  4. Use a pair of scissors to make a hole at the top of the tree, and thread some ribbon through. Tie in a knot to make a loop.
  5. Glue buttons onto the front and back of the tree as decorations. Or why not try using something else? Sequins, glittery pipe cleaners, , sparkly pom-poms, ric-rac, glitter glue... Whatever looks most festive!
  6. Allow the glue to dry, then hang your creation proudly on the Christmas tree.