Weekly round-up


SNOW DAY! The children may have not been at nursery for very long today (the adverse weather conditions meant that we took the decision to close the nursery just after lunchtime) but they certainly had fun while they were there. The snow was naturally all anyone could think about, so we went outside to enjoy it. We had a snowball fight (of course!) and caught snowflakes on our tongues. When it got too cold to be outside, we brought some snow inside to see how it melted in the warmth. Our practitioners created a snowy scene using flour and the Snowman props from last week; we also put 'The Snowman' on the interactive whiteboard to add to the atmosphere. We were all very sad when the fun had to come to an end!


This morning, we recreated a theatre in the nursery. We made tickets, served up popcorn and watched a CBeebies pantomime on the interactive whiteboard. In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to see some real theatre, as we were invited over to St Mary's school to watch the dress rehearsal of the KS1 Nativity. Our children were delighted by the show, and loved all the songs. It has made them all very excited about performing in their own nativity next Monday!


There was much sadness when the children arrived to see that the snow had all melted from the nursery garden (the adults weren't quite as upset!). We still had our indoor snow scene to play with, so any sadness was short-lived. The children were having sensory fun in the afternoon, mixing up concoctions using jelly and mini marshmallows. There may have been a small amount of tasting, we couldn't possibly comment!


The children were met with a couple of intriguing set-ups this morning. At one table, they were invited to sail on the number sea: boats, ships and sea creatures were afloat among different numbers. The children could identify try to identify the numbers, and maybe put the corresponding number of toys on the number "rafts". On another table: SPROUTS! Love them or hate them, it isn't Christmas without sprouts. The children weren't eating them, but they were weighing them, cutting them, rolling them, peeling them, pinging them across the room like tiny cannonballs... It turns out that sprouts are lots of fun!


One of our tables was turned into Antarctica today, with more fake snow, paper snowflakes and Emperor penguins. The activity with the Brussels sprouts was so popular yesterday that we set it up again today, and encouraged the children to peel them (which helps to improve their fine motor skills, as well as getting some practice in for helping in the kitchen on Christmas Day!). Elsewhere, the children had fun weighing and measuring using our new Numicon scales. And we got into a party mood with a few games of musical chairs and musical bumps. We also did one last rehearsal of our Nativity songs - don't forget, the big show is on Monday at 10:30am!