St Mary's Nursery School uses Famly, a nursery management app. This helps us to manage the setting more easily, and allows parents and carers to be more involved in their children's day.

Famly lets the nursery keep in close contact with you as a parent, and vice versa. The app is free of charge to parents/carers and gives you the opportunity to communicate with the nursery at any time.

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What does famly do?

With Famly, you are able to receive and send information on your smartphone, tablet or computer at any time. That way, you are able to actually take part in the nursery's day to day life.

The app also offers you practical functions to help you communicate with the nursery. These include:

  • Reporting sick days and holidays to the nursery with one click.

  • Receiving and sending private messages safely.

  • Getting an overview of all events in your private calendar.

  • Seeing photos and videos of your child's day in the newsfeed.

  • Viewing your child’s online Learning Journal.

  • Receiving information about toilet training/nappy changes/food consumption.

  • Getting status updates and receiving important reminders.

  • Communicating with other parents.

You can view an introduction to the Famly experience here.

how does it work?

When you register with the nursery, you will receive a login invitation to your child's profile by email. You can edit your child's information yourself and control all information.

You can use Famly anywhere across all devices free of charge. The app runs on computers, tablets and smartphones (Android and iPhone).

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is my data safe?

Famly is subject to the highest security standards. Compared to open files, WhatsApp channels and paper lists, Famly can guarantee the security of sensitive data. Any communication between the app and the Famly servers is encrypted, similar to online banking. All data is only accessible by authorised persons and remains the property of the nursery at all times. All data is stored in encrypted servers which are fully backed up every day. 

where can I ask for help?

Famly offers free and dedicated customer service to all parents/carers, both over email and via phone. A short introduction video is also able to view here.